Best Solana Casinos & SOL Gambling sites

Solana is a popular form of cryptocurrency that is both functional and polular. Furthermore, you now have the option to gamble with SOL as well. Gambling with Solana casinos is becoming an increasingly popular activity. In order to make the best decisions, it is important to have knowledge of the top picks, high-quality Dapps and other essential information regarding SOL Casinos.

Best Solana Casinos

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Solana is quickly gaining popularity due to its fast, affordable and innovative features. In addition, the hype surrounding it has resulted in the emergence of numerous Solana casinos.

In 2020, Solana was launched with the intention of providing a faster alternative to the Etheruem platform, whilst still maintaining its decentralized nature and offering smart contracts.

The premise is:

SOL is capable of outperforming ETH in many areas. SOL tokens are in high demand and gaining traction on online gaming platforms. If you’re looking for a place to use your SOL tokens, we have you covered.

Read on to learn:

  1. Which casinos currently accept Solana (SOL)
  2. What type of games you can play with SOL
  3. The pros and cons of gambling with Solana
  4. How to be safe while playing at Solana casinos

Additionally, this article will provide regular updates on Solana. Consequently, let us commence with the discussion of that topic:

To sum it up, the top Solana casinos offer a great gaming experience with quality service.

We have compiled a list of the best Solana gambling sites. We encourage you to take a look and explore them today!

In this article, we will discuss what factors contributed to make them our top choices. Before proceeding further, let us have a quick glance at the latest SOL updates.

What’s New with Solana?

In the world of cryptocurrency, Solana is still a relatively new project. Unfortunately, May got off to a bad start for the SOL network.

Network Outrage

Solana experienced a seven-hour disruption of service due to NFT minting bots causing it to lose consensus.

After April saw numerous occurrences of instability, Solana initiated May with its seventh network disruption in the current year.

SOL is a renowned NFT network, second only to Ethereum. This popularity, however, also draws the attention of bots in the competitive race for newly released artwork.

NFT minting bots are extremely useful for those looking to secure highly sought-after projects. They enable you to stay ahead of the competition and potentially create valuable returns. Aside from that, these practices are quite unethical and put an excessive strain on the blockchain network.

Between the hours of 9 PM UTC Saturday and 3 AM UTC Sunday (May 1st), this is what transpired.

As per the incident report, the production of blocks was suspended at 21:17 and was not resumed until 7 hours later. The massive outcry had a critical impact on client services for Dapps and network operators, leading to even greater restoration times.

After thoroughly examining the matter, it was established that:

Evidence has surfaced showing attempts were made to manipulate the newly minted Non-Fungible Token using the famous Candy Machine program.

04-30-22 Solana Mainnet Beta Outage Report and Mitigation

The price for the NFT was on a first-come-first-serve basis. Therefore, to increase one’s chances of being the first to acquire it, utilizing bots made sense; since the earliest claimant gained access to it.

Unfortunately, the Solana network was unable to deal with the high transaction rate of 6 million+ per second, which resulted in its consensus failing.

The SOL currency experienced a sudden drop in rates after the uproar, but fortunately it didn’t last for long. Currently, the trading prices are at their pre-April levels.

Although there are still some areas of improvement, the SOL network has earned the trust of their users and also shares this sentiment.

Recently, 1xBit added Solana as an available payment option for customers. This move makes it one of the top casinos that support Solana payments, understandably gaining a lot of attention from crypto users. At the moment, we do not have any plans regarding this, but we will certainly be analyzing this further.

Now that we have concluded our news segment, let us move on to our recommended list of SOL Casinos picks.

Best Solana Casinos

Upon conducting research on Solana casinos, it became apparent that there are quite limited options for players looking to play at an SOL casino.

It is unsurprising that cryptocurrencies have not been widely adopted to use as payment methods yet. This is understandable as it takes some time for a new technology to become widely accepted and used.

Nevertheless, we wanted to ensure that the quality of the end product remained uncompromised. We conducted a detailed investigation to assess each casino we came across and present our top three picks that accept Solana. Here is the procedure we employed:

  • After extensive research, we identified the most popular Solana casinos online. Initially, we compiled a comprehensive selection of SOL-approved online gambling sites. We searched extensively online for websites using Solana, including review sites, forums and Reddit. Eventually, we were able to find them and conducted tests on the sites.
  • We created an anonymous account and began to play casino game. Even though we do not have any affiliation with casinos, we still wish to remain anonymous while testing them. This is so that we can gain an authentic insight rather than one which has been carefully edited for public relations purposes.
  • We put money into, gambled on, and took out of the SOL platform. We carefully examined the advantages and disadvantages that Solana offered. We made sure to consider things like the speed of deposits, withdrawal convenience, and lack of time-consuming Know Your Customer (KYC) verifications to ensure an optimal experience.
  • We rewarded participants with points for games, rewards, and additional benefits. Once we made sure that the casinos were compatible with Solana, we assessed the general experience. Did the casino provide sufficient gaming options? Was there a guarantee of fairness in all gaming activities? What kind of bonuses and promotions were available at this casino? Additional points were allocated for these factors as they are what contribute to creating an exemplary casino.

And that concludes our approach to selecting the best Solana casinos and Dapps. Are you eager to know more about them?

Let’s start with casinos:


BC.Game has emerged as a leading Solana casino and there is certainly justification for this distinction.

What features make Solana suitable for use?

BC.Game has become an immensely popular casino for altcoins due to its extensive range of options. Upon visiting the website, you’ll find that the wallet tab is located on the upper right-hand corner, indicating where you can find your desired coin. Additionally, Solana is one of the coins available in their selection.

Solana is a great platform when it comes to deposits and withdrawals since it offers both speedy services and low fees. The fees for withdrawals can range from as little as 0.01 SOL, even for larger sums of money. It is also possible to purchase Solana tokens from the BCSwap marketplace, thus making it simpler to engage in gambling activities with SOL.

Is there anything extra that BC.Game provides apart from the gaming experience?

BC.Game’s social features are one of the reasons it has become a favorite of ours. We are particularly impressed with them and find ourselves unable to get enough.

Players have plenty of opportunities to communicate with one another, giving hints and showing off their successes. Furthermore, a leader board is present where you can see who is winning. There are also numerous challenges and promotions which will keep you engaged in the game.

However, one may inquire about the games?

BC.Game is known for its vast array of classic casino games. In addition to this, the casino offers an appealing selection of custom-made titles.

BC.Game guarantees that all of its proprietary games are fair and have a low house edge.


Stake has been a leader in the crypto casino space for long time, consistently proving its worth and remaining as one of the most popular gaming sites even today. No matter if you’re a fan of playing poker or you prefer placing bets on sports, Stake offers an entertaining experience for everyone.

What is it that makes this online casino Solana-compatible?

Stake offer crypto gambling from the beginning and is now integrating SOL payment options into their services to provide a more comprehensive suite of options.

With Solana, Stake gives its new customers an additional incentive of up to 500 SOL with the welcoming bonus. Moreover, it can be used for gambling on its platform. Even more impressive is that this is the only Solana betting website with an impressive selection of 30+ different sports. You’ll find an array of popular options like soccer and the NBA, as well as esports and virtual sports to choose from, offering excellent odds.

Are there any other advantages to Stake? Indeed there are; they offer a multitude of benefits in addition to what has already been mentioned:

Coudbet provides users with a wide range of features and options. There are over 1,200 online casino games offered, as well as live and provably fair games. The sportsbook product is competitive and the user experience is optimized for both newbies and veteran gamblers.

Finally, we give our utmost respect to Casino for accepting various cryptocurrencies as payments, not just SOL. Additionally, this online casino even allows fiat transactions.

What factors make it compatible with the Solana platform? offers a wide range of games which you can access with SOL. There are 6 unique titles, all verified as being fair and legitimate, plus a full-fledged Solana sports betting platform for your enjoyment.

Integrating Solana into the process of deposits and withdrawals ensures a smooth and efficient experience, making it an attractive option. An analysis of our SOL tokens showed that there were no fees applied when withdrawing from the casino. The minimum withdrawal threshold was found to be $10.00 (or 36,92 SOL at the time of writing). is an online gambling platform that offers a unique experience for its users. It has numerous advantages, the site’s commitment to responsible gambling, the extensive and helpful blog, as well as a series of entertaining games. With all these benefits in mind, it is no wonder why has become one of the most popular online gambling platforms around. features overview:

  • Up to 20% Cashback deal
  • The site’s commitment to responsible gambling
  • The extensive and helpful blog
  • A series of generous bonuses and prizes

Are there any decentralized applications (dapps) based on the Solana blockchain platform?

Absolutely! Our recommended choice is BetFury.


BetFury began as a basic web-based gambling platform, however, fast became a fully-fledged online casino. Presently, it is one of the best gambling decentralized applications with over 3,000 distinct casino games. Despite its decentralization and creative capabilities, it continues to be an exceptional platform.

Betfury has an array of activities and games for users to enjoy, and you can get other coins from playing these games or accessing the crypto faucets. Naturally, you can also play using Solana tokens.

Pay attention and be mindful of BetFury boxes, or faucets, as they sometimes guive free Solana!

We will closely monitor any new Dapps which accept Solana and will make sure to inform our readers if any noteworthy ones appear.

Alternatives to casinos offering Solana game titles.

Stake does not have its own original token, however, it has been designed to be provably fair and easy to use for all players.

We acknowledge that BC.Game, Betfury and Duelbits are all great choices; however,

Unfortunately, there is a scarcity of casinos in Solana, particularly when it comes to acceptable mainstream options.

We will not be recommending any Bitcoin casinos as it is assumed that an individual who wishes to play with Solana is well-informed about them. If anyone needs more information, they can always refer to our comprehensive guide on Bitcoin casinos.

Additionally, investing in Bitcoin is not the most suitable option when compared to investing in Solana. The two coins have significant differences between them.

If you are looking for a Solana casino alternative, some good options to consider include: Coins such as…

  • Solana is attempting to dethrone Ethereum, which is a digital coin.
  • Cardano, an Ethereum rival, commenced proof-of-stake prior to ETH.
  • Polkadot is a cryptocurrency that seeks to challenge Ethereum’s market dominance. It has recently emerged and offers potential to disrupt the existing status quo.

As always, we only recommend casinos that we have tested and inspected thoroughly. These casinos provide a secure environment, are fair in their dealings, and can offer an enjoyable gaming experience.

Ethereum Casinos

Stake has become one of the premier ETH casinos due to its varied live casino selection, as well as its library of slots, provably fair originals, and more.

Ethereum, an alternative to Bitcoin, has become so well-known that both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and those not familiar with the digital currency have heard of it.

Just like other digital currencies, Ethereum (ETH) has its own set of pros and cons. However, its main advantage for online gamblers is undeniable –

There are an abundance of Ethereum-based casinos available.

While there are many more online casinos available than the ones listed here, we have picked out these as our favorites. You can find other options in our detailed guide on Ethereum-based casinos.

Polkadot Casinos

BC.Game is an excellent choice for followers of Polkadot and Solana alike!

The Polkadot project, initiated by one of Ethereum’s founders, is aiming to surpass Ether in its capabilities. It is considered to be an experimental venture.

Just like Solana, Polkadot is just beginning to be utilized in the gambling industry.

We suggest BC.Game as the best option for Polkadot gaming. It’s an advanced and interactive casino, which is perfectly aligned with the unique nature of this cryptocurrency.

Cardano Casinos

Cardano is a blockchain network project previously created by two of Ethereum’s former developers. It utilizes the proof-of-stake system called Ouroboros for consensus.

Solana and Cardano have both developed solutions to the transaction speed issues that have hindered Ethereum. Solana has implemented a simpler strategy for blockchain development, whereas Cardano has adopted a more studied approach in this regard. For better performance, they rely heavily on research data from credible (peer-reviewed) sources to optimize their blockchain. The implementation of Cardano proved to be successful as there have been considerably fewer outage and the trend has been positive in terms of growth.

When choosing a Cardano casino, our recommendations are quite similar to those of Solana.

Solana Casino Games

As Solana is still relatively fresh in the gambling scene, there are only a few casinos offering games with this cryptocurrency.

You can still find all of your beloved games there.

Solana Slots

BC.Game offers a variety of exciting Solana Slot games, such as Lava Gold, for you to enjoy.

Cryptocurrency casinos often feature slot games due to their popularity among players.

It is fortunate that BC.Game and Cloudbet both have a massive range of gaming titles, both in-house and sourced from independent third parties.

Cloudbet has an extensive collection of slots games, currently amounting to more than 1,000 titles. New additions are also continuously being made to the casino’s library. Among the popular slot titles are Book of Dead and Gonzo’s Quest. If players are looking for something unique, Cloudbet also offers a great selection of 3D slots and jackpot slots.

BC.Game offers more than 3,000 slot games at the moment and keeps adding fresh titles on a regular basis. Amongst the more popular slot games are Lava Gold, Story of Egypt, and the Age of the Gods franchise.

Solana Poker

BC.Game gives you the opportunity to experience a provably fair video poker game!

If you are looking to play video or live poker, BC.Game is a great Solana-friendly casino to visit. You can find an abundance of options for both types of games.

Crypto casinos provide high-quality games, including live ones from popular providers, which are based on the concept of provably fair gaming. This ensures that users have an enjoyable experience without disappointment. Video poker is a popular game on BC.Game and Cloudbet which is perfect for learning how to play. Additionally, the outcomes are random, ensuring a fair playing experience.

Unfortunately, there are no active Solana poker tournaments ongoing at the present moment.

It is our hope that, with the growth of the Solana community and the addition of more casinos using this currency, this will change in the future. At present, you will need to continue playing conventional poker games and aspire for the best possible outcome.

Solana Blackjack

Try your luck at BC.Game and Cloudbet’s live blackjack tables for an authentic gambling experience!

Blackjack is an exciting and affordable game that anyone can partake in. It doesn’t take much to learn the rules, and with some practice you can become a pretty adept player in no time.

Unlike poker players, those passionate about blackjack have a wide range of casinos they can choose from.

BC.Game is a leading online casino that provides several varieties of blackjack games to its users, such as live blackjack and provably fair blackjack. They have more than 99 variations available in multiple languages for added convenience.

Cloudbet offers an interesting selection of live dealer games, including various blackjack variations.

Solana Originals

Begin your game with a 1x multiplier and make sure you cash out before the game ends abruptly.

Finally, crypto casinos feature exclusive games that are not available at traditional gambling websites.

As an example, the game ‘Crash’ is only available in a few selected casinos.

Learning is quite straightforward but the experience is incredibly enjoyable and thrilling. The game employs a 1x multiplier at the outset, which increases with every bet made. If you are able to successfully cash out before the game crashes, you will receive the multiplier times your bet as your winnings. If the crash occurs before you’re able to withdraw, then you lose your wager.

It is fortunate that both BC.Game and Cloudbet have provably fair gaming options available.

Additionally, there are numerous other Solana created games available to play in various online casinos. Crash being among them.

Additionally, one can acquire SOL by playing Plinko, provably fair originals, BC.Game’s crash game and more.

Are There Any Sports Betting Websites Accepting Solana?

Can you please provide information on any sports betting websites that are accepting Solana currently? Yes!

Cloudbet has recently included Solana in its list of supported coins, thus providing users with the ability to bet on various sporting events using SOL.

Cloudbet offers an extensive selection of sports for customers to bet on – more than 30 in fact – ranging from football to Eurovision. Thanks to Solana, anyone can easily bet on their favorite event or game.

Cloudbet is currently the top choice for placing sports bets utilizing the Solana platform. As the Solana network grows so too should other options, making it easier to access these types of features in the future.

Pros and Cons of Playing with Solana

Overall, the advantages of Solana casinos are numerous. To succinctly summarise them:

  • Solana’s “Proof of History” is an environment-friendly and resource-efficient system, which makes it exceptionally suitable for any cryptocurrency’s longevity. It is one of the most effective methods available in the market.
  • Subsequently, the cryptocurrency is faster than alternatives such as Ethereum, with the capacity to process around 50,000 transactions per second.
  • Solana is able to offer lower fees than its competitors due to its high efficiency and speed.
  • The coin has been endorsed by prominent entities, such as the crypto trading platform FTX.
  • At present, SOL is gaining a lot of attention in the cryptocurrency world and many feel this altcoin has a bright future ahead.
  • A number of cryptocurrency wallets, such as Coinbase, have integrated support for Solana.

One of the most notable downsides to playing casino games via Solana is easily visible.

Unfortunately, there are not many casinos that accept this cryptocurrency.

It should be noted that cryptocurrency is still in its experimental stage. Therefore, there are not many casinos offering it as yet.

There is an irrefutable risk associated with purchasing and playing with it.

Accordingly, there might be some fluctuation in prices.

This is applicable for practically all cryptocurrencies, excluding stablecoins, but it is especially pertinent to newly developed altcoins such as SOL.

We believe Solana is a great choice if you are looking for an exciting cryptocurrency to gamble with.

For more novice players or those looking for a traditional casino experience, this might not be the ideal option. When it comes to gambling, casinos accepting more established altcoins such as Binance coin or Ethereum are a much better bet (we’d recommend BC.Game for those who wish to use BNB).

Is Solana a Safe for Online Gambling?

We strongly believe that our review of Duelbits, which gave it a 4-star rating for its licensing and safety, is sound and accurate.

Though we don’t award the brand with the highest scores, we value its dedication to fairness and security features such as 2-factor authentication.

BC.Game stands apart with its gambling license that ensures players can receive their payouts without any issue. We have personally not met with any complications during our time playing on the website.

It Is legal to gamble with Solana ?

Solana Casinos, like any other internet-based casino, are reliant on the local regulations that vary depending on both the casino’s location and yours. Due to this, it is not possible for us to give you a definitive answer.

Gambling with Solana is permissible only in the places where both online gambling and cryptocurrencies are authorized by law.

Due to the slow rate of regulation from governments, there can be a blurry legal line with regards to SOL and other digital currencies.

Nevertheless, it is possible that gambling (particularly online casinos) might be forbidden or tightly governed in the place where you live.

To stay on the right side of the law, it is essential to ascertain whether the casino you are using is licensed by your country’s relevant authorities and also whether there are any legal restrictions on online gambling.

Furthermore, it is essential to remember that you should always play at reliable and trusted casinos!

Final Thoughts

Given their rarity, Solana casinos offer a unique experience to altcoin gamblers. This provides an exciting opportunity for gambling fans who prefer using cryptocurrencies. Presently, there are in excess of three casinos (plus one Dapp) that accept the coin.

BC.Game and Cloudbet are exceptional destinations for gambling due to their varied selection of games, attractive bonuses, and lucrative promotional offers.

Additionally, there is a glimmer of hope. BC.Game was one of the best SOL casinos in just a few months ago. Following the inclusion of Solana on Cloudbet, we are now presented with more choices and a dedicated sportsbook.

Cryptocurrency gambling is a highly dynamic sector and changes can happen rapidly. Therefore, it is important to stay up to date with this page and utilize it to find an ideal Solana casino for you. Wishing you all the best in your search!

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